Executive Coaching

Are you a Corporate Executive who is passionate about optimizing business results and creating an inspiring and sustainable corporate culture?

Creating a corporate culture that supports and empowers individuals and teams to work effectively and efficiently requires intention, focus and commitment. It involves aligning individual strengths with business needs, designing teams in which individuals’ unique skills are recognized and leveraged, and creating an environment that values open, direct communication.

Executive coaching supports you to step back from your day-to-day activities to hone the skills needed to be an authentic and inspiring leader:

  • Cultivate awareness of your strengths, passions, mindsets and habits as well as the ways you are currently mitigating your own effectiveness as a leader
  • Create structures to support mindsets, habits and beliefs that will help you achieve what you want
  • Optimize your ability to enroll employees’ support of and passion for business strategy and needs
  • Refine your mentoring and leadership skills
  • Improve your ability to give and receive feedback and input productively
  • Learn to support your employees to fully engage in their work
  • Create a culture and structure that supports both you and your employees to be abundantly healthy, wildly successful and entirely inspired.

Personal Passages also offers executive leadership workshops that will teach and support you to:

Enhance Your Impact and Influence as a Leader

  • Authentic Leadership: Leading with Radical Responsibility
  • Leading with the Power of Aligned Action: Getting and Staying in Alignment with What Matters Most
  • Effective Coaching & Mentoring

Empower Your Relationships through Transformational Communication

  • Awesome Questions: The Value of Incisive Inquiry
  • Cultivating Compassionate Presence and Deep Listening
  • Mastery of Authentic Self-Expression
  • Creating Alignment within Teams


These workshops can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Optimize Your Personal Fulfillment

  • Creating Success As You Define It
  • Life Balance, Energy Management & Effectiveness
  • Setting and Honoring Boundaries
  • Creating Support: Making Requests and Effectively Leveraging Others’ Strengths

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