I had the pleasure of working with Carla for two years. During that time, she was absolutely transformative for my life, professionally and personally – and I have never said that about another person (besides my immediate family).

Carla was able to give me perspective on what was happening in my life, helping me focus on what mattered. In my case, much of that was working on being more fully present. Carla offered concrete advice and techniques when I needed them, an empathetic ear when I needed that, and a good combination of patience and firm persistence to help me improve and be happier. Carla was able to offer helpful and candid advice at the most strategic levels of my life all the way down to the most minute details of crucial conversations.

I am a better professional, better father and husband, and happier, more centered person because of my work with Carla. Carla is extraordinary, and I would work with her again anytime.

Guy Yalif

Cofounder and CEO, Intellimize

Carla is an amazing coach because she is profoundly clear about what excites and motivates her – the ability to help people transform their lives for the better. She brings incredible passion and integrity to her work. She is insightful and able to cut through the clutter we all feel at times in order help her clients identify what is meaningful to them and use it to frame decisions and priorities. She helps weed out the “should do’s” and teaches you how to live your life based on what truly inspires you.

Lori MacPherson

EVP Global Product Management, Walt Disney Studios

Prior to working with Carla, I was not a believer in coaching as a means to a happier, more fulfilling and productive life. In many ways, I think that I was a stereotypical guy: self-reliant; independent; and, generally closed to the notion that simply talking to somebody could change my outlook and approach. Collaborating with Carla has dramatically changed my view.
While my initial decision to work with Carla was heavily influenced by her impressive business background, the true gift that she has brought to our work is her clarity of thought. Carla has helped me sift through life’s clutter and zero-in on what is truly important to me, both professionally and personally. Since starting work with her a year ago, I am far more productive, healthier (mentally and physically), and much much happier. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Nick Rothman

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, HogWash

Before I met Carla I was struggling with which direction to go with my business, and feeling scattered. Carla helped me reframe what my personal priorities were, and which parts of my business were most rewarding for me personally. She helped me reorient my decisions around not what was going to be most lucrative, but what was going to bring me joy and a more personal satisfaction. I appreciate how Carla would carefully take my cues and distress signals and unwrap them to help me see the beliefs I had that created that distress, and find the hidden gifts they held.
The “roadmap” I created with Carla for my business is more of a roadmap for my life, and it is a much more enjoyable path to be traveling than the track I was on! I love my work, my business is thriving, and it feels completely sustainable and also unlimited, since my core framework is based on my unique strengths that I love to bring to the world.
Thank you, Carla!

Morgan Bricca

Business Owner in Los Altos, CA, Morgan Mural Studios

Where am I now and how can I become who I want to be are constant issues for us all. With Carla’s awesome questioning you will begin an adventure that allows you to see who you are and become who you want to be. It is the trip of a lifetime don’t miss it.

Mike Nolan

Corporate Executive, Washington DC

Over a year of coaching I have been able to achieve a much more organized and clear view of my life. This includes a better identification and organization of my priorities as well as a more balanced work environment. Now I can dedicate myself to my priorities and do not waste time in unimportant distractions. I have identified where do I want to go and how to do it. I have started working in the pathway to my goals from very early in the coaching so a year after the fruits are already being reaped.


Business Owner in Lima, Peru

Carla is the most amazing person I know, she contains a brightness that touches everyone she meets. She has helped me through the most difficult passage in my life, and I will never be able to repay her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Andy W

Entrepreneur and business owner in London, UK

Carla’s professional and life coaching is informed by years working within and with Fortune 500 companies. Her experience working within organizations as a business practitioner helps inform her coaching. She is grounded in the practicalities of business and meshes this experience with her intuitive, heartfelt personal style.

Jane P

Director of Marketing 2000 – 2007, Intel

Carla is a very effective coach. She has great listening skills that allow her to quickly and accurately identify the most relevant aspects of any issues her clients may be facing.


Management consultant, Boston Consulting Group

You helped me to work through one of the most difficult situations I’ve encountered in my career. The actions I took, based on your advice, were a catalyst that helped turn the situation around and bring about very positive changes at work.


Product Manager in Mountain View, CA

Carla is one of the few people I know who is truly driven by the work she chooses to do and you can see this in the impact that she creates.


Management consultant at BCG, Boston Consulting Group

Carla was an absolute pleasure to work with – passionate, results oriented, and committed… I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is considering personal coaching.


Investment Management Special Projects Manager, United Arab Emirates

I honestly can’t say enough good things about her candor, honesty, empathy, commitment, and passion.


Management Consultant , Boston Consulting Group

Thank you so much for speaking at our Southwest Exchange Conference. Our attendees just raved about your session.

Sandy Roberts

Junior League President 2012 - 2013